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Dorset Down Sheep


We have a small flock of Dorset Down sheep. 


Dorset Downs are justly known as “king of the prime lamb breed”.  One of the oldest breeds of native sheep, Dorset Downs have a prestigious history as well as a successful future in the British farming landscape.   The Dorset Down is renown for producing early maturing lambs from grass, making them ideal for organic, and other extensive farming systems.  The Dorset Down Ram is also proven as the ideal Terminal Sire to virtually any other breed of sheep making it the ideal solution for modern, commercial flocks.

We sell all our surplus stock through the RBST Autumn Sale at Voyce Pullin market in Cirencester; we do not sell privately.


JulesBeeCourse - credit Glos Echo.jpg

I have been keeping bees for 17 years and was the beekeeping correspondent for Country Smallholding magazine for eight years. 


I am a volunteer blogger for the BBKA's Adopt a Beehive charity and still manage 4-5 hives.


We occasionally have surplus honey or beeswax available but we no longer sell nucs or run courses.

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